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ApartMent Grand more than 15 years of experience in real estate

Since 2005 on the real estate market. The company started from a small town in Europe.

Today the company is engaged in the construction of housing and commercial real estate, as well as rents on a long-term lease basis, for the subsequent delivery of these areas for short-term lease, not only in Europe, but also beyond its borders.

The company develops every day. We know how to make money on real estate.

Urmas Tamm - businessman, founder of the "ApartMent Grand" company

On the real estate market for over 15 years. He attended MBA courses in different countries, studied in Hungary, Austria, USA, France, Switzerland.

After training, the idea was formed to cover the basic human needs for housing. Combining network marketing experience and housing solution began

Despite this, Urmas is a very humble and busy person. He doesn’t have enough time for high-profile interviews or pages on social networks.

  • A businessman is a real estate investor.
  • Beneficiary of several companies, including offshore.
  • Patron and public figure.

In 2018, it was proposed for implementation into an already existing one that brings good profit – a business formula, a new and non-standard idea.

Urmas suggested: introduce network marketing into the real estate business. And thus increase investments in the company at the expense of new partners and share the company’s profits between all partners.

This is how the Apartments4you project was born.

Apartments4you is a unique project. Since 2019, the project has started working in European countries, and 2020 has been adapted and presented for the CIS countries. Also, the project will pleasantly surprise you with various partner bonuses and a new offer in this business, get 20% cashback on any booking through our partner Booking.

“It will be very profitable to participate in the project right now. We are confident that we will be able to provide the necessary flow of clients for property owners. The maximum percentage of return is 364%. In fact, high profitability is the company’s goal. ”

Urmas Tamm

You can find out more about the project by going to the website

Become our partners and earn with us.

"ApartMent Grand" owns:

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Residential Properties
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Office property
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Commercial property

The company owns residential, office and commercial real estate. Also, “ApartMent Grand” leases a “package” of premises and rents them out for short-term rent, which makes the rental price much lower. Hotel rooms are rented according to the same principle.

Company profit generate their own and investment projects.

“We build some objects ourselves and then sell them, respectively, all profits from such transactions remain with the company. Accordingly, all profits from such transactions remain with the company. In some we are investors. All this gives the company “ApartMent Grand” additional profit to standard transactions ”,

Urmas Tamm

But is the crisis situation palpable in such companies as "ApartMent Grand"?

“Today the profitability is unstable and it is much lower. But we have a clear plan and financial ability to provide payments for the apartment4you project. We allocate the required budget. This budget determines the number of sold certificates. The certificates with the highest yield are limited (by quantity). We also do not spend large budgets on advertising and marketing. The main costs are for payments to partners.”

It turns out that the project participants do not need to worry about the timely payments.

Being a partner of the “ApartMent Grand” company is no less profitable than a member.

“ApartMentGrand” buys out at once from 20% of all real estate offered by the owner for rent, for a period of at least 5 years, and pays rent immediately 5 years in advance. On such rental conditions, ApartMentGrand receives an additional tangible discount on the rental of this property ”

Thus, the owners of real estate, concluding a contract for the lease of real estate, receive almost 100% of the profit for the year by prepayment in advance.